Dec 2020 SSFS Meeting: Many Trees Project

Hi all,

We will reconvene on December 1stat 7 pm.

 Chris & Guy from the Many Trees Project will speak about the history and social and ecological roles of nut trees as food sources, carbon sinks, and key elements in biodiverse habitats. From the ancient chestnut forests of Italy to the coppiced hazelnut forests of the British Isles to the oak savannas of North America, nut trees have long been a sustainable and renewable source of food and material. We’ll touch on nut forests in history, on current efforts in North America and elsewhere to experiment with large scale perennial tree crops to replace fossil fuel-intensive monoculture, and about the chestnut trees that we are currently distributing throughout the Puget Sound area with the aim of increasing biodiversity and food security. We’ll end with some notes on chestnut propagation, care, and further resources.

Many Trees is offering the seedlings  to individuals to plant on their property through an application form on his web site. The website talks about other trees the project is starting and how you can participate. The project is facilitating planting hundreds of fruit and nut trees in Olympia to develop abundant and regenerative food sources for a changing climate, -for more information on this group look up the Many Trees Project.They have 1-year-old chestnut seedlings available now!

The philosophy behind the project includes global climate change mitigation by growing trees for food and carbon sequestration. Fruit and nut trees can live for hundreds of years, providing healthy local food, biodiversity, clean water, carbon sequestration and shade in a climate-changed world. By planting fruit and nut trees and sharing plant propagation and grafting skills, the project is helping to create a community resilient to whatever climate change may bring.

Here’s the Zoom link for the December 1st meeting:

Meeting ID: 894 4791 4579
Passcode: 782164

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