Feb 6, 2018

South Sound Fruit Society

Minutes 2-6-18

Meeting called to order by V.P. Brian Williams at 7:10pm.

Treasurer report given by Jacqui Paquin, moved and seconded. Approved. The annual audit is completed thanks to Jacqui and her team.

No minutes available from December meeting

Old Business:

Two knives were left following the potluck. See Brian.

Thanks were expressed to Glen for conducting the fun kiwi pruning here at Grub.

New Business:

The teleconference WSFS quarterly meting will be held Apr. 7 on Vashon Island. Rebecca Johnson of the Snohomish Club has offered to help any chapter with website improvements. Brian requested feedback from our group regarding our website.

WCFS has a fund where they can offset speaker fees by 50% if needed.

Our March meeting topic is Rootstocks to be led by Sam Benowitz of Raintree Nursery.

A request was made to have him discuss the best rootstocks for espalier.

For our March 13th grafting workshop, Jerry will do a demonstration and assist others with grafting. The club will have paraffin tape, scion wood, rootstocks and grafting knives for sale. Francesca requested that if you are providing scion wood to please send her the variety names soon so that she can make the labels.

Meeting adjourned

Glen, Nancy and Jean gave a most interesting  presentation on Native Bees


Submitted by: Lowell Cordas, Secretary